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Sophisticated measuring methods for the chassis

Creative spirit combined with constructive know-how from the fields of engineering, physics and chemistry and the good and confidential collaboration with reputable German automobile manufacturers put ROMESS in a position to place great innovative products on the market, even as a small company.

Our potential in this area is attested by the many innovation awards ROMESS has won, including the renowned Dr. Rudolf Eberle prize, awarded by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Baden-Wuerttemberg is the home of tinkerers and hobbyists, of inventors and developers. As a technology region, the southwest has no true counterpart in Europe. Above all, Baden-Wuerttemberg owes this status to the innovative energy of its medium-sized enterprises.

In 1998, Dr. Walter Doering, then minister for economic affairs for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, awarded our company with the Dr. Rudolf Eberle prize for its groundbreaking chassis measuring system. Over 100 innovative companies had entered the competition to win the prize. Our company's “Chassis Measurement 2000” system was viewed to be particularly worthy of praise. It saves time and money, because the more precisely the service technician is able to analyze and uncover the origin and location of defects in the vehicle, the faster and more precisely he can remedy them. Time is of the essence in the world of automobile repair because, as we all know, time is money.

According to experts, a more precise diagnosis of defects in automobile repair can yield time savings of up to 70 percent. Based on this premise, ROMESS developed a system for Mercedes that practically revolutionized the art of chassis tuning: the Chassis Measurement 2000.

The key component is the CM-09606 inclination angle measuring instrument. It works faster and with more precision than any other system and can be used on all vehicle types - including vehicles that are just about to be released onto the market. This is possible because it only needs to be positioned at a single measuring point per wheel, thus just four measuring points for the entire vehicle. In doing so, the device measures the wheel suspension angle, which changes with time or even on account of the driving style of the car's driver. If this angle is readjusted, perfect alignment can once again be achieved.  

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