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Brake maintenance devices

The patented RoTWIN technology:

Our RoTWIN devices offer significantly higher flow pressure in comparison with conventional systems:

  • Produce the required quantity of brake fluid in accordance with need.
  • Guarantee effective ventilation, in particular following the exchange of brake system components
  • Shorten the duration of the work process (especially where ventilation poses problems
  • Compensate for pressure loss caused by regulating elements in the braking system (ABS control blocks, braking assistants, etc.)
  • Can be implemented in all varieties of braking and gearshift systems used in passenger cars, utility vehicles and motorcycles
  • Suitable for brake fluids DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1

Advantages of RoTWIN technology:

  • Cost reduction (more efficient brake fluid change)
  • Time savings (fast and problem-free ventilation)
  • No downtime (rental units always available)
  • Customer satisfaction (professional service)
  • Motivated employees (high-quality working equipment)
  • Rapid amortization (one-time investment; maintenance-free; no follow-up costs)

Overview of RoTWIN devices - With the recommendation and approval of reputable automobile manufacturers:



Order number:


  • BW 1408  RoTWIN  

For 5-liter containers or with a compact, tank-equipped portable device. Perfect for small workshops such as e.g., 1-2 person businesses, or as a secondary device. Very suitable for a smaller number of ventilations or for mobile use.

1413 (containers)
1420 (tank)

 More information
  • 22 A          RoTWIN        

For 20-liter containers. Compact, portable device with control panel. Space-saving thanks to its slender design. Perfect for use in workshops of all sizes. Very suitable for daily ventilations and constant operation.

2200 (230v/50Hz) More information
  • SE 30-60  A10  RoTWIN  

For 30 or 60 liter containers. The jack of all trades. With advance extraction function and integrated shut-off valve for leak detection. Very suitable for carrying out many ventilations daily and constant operation, especially in large workshops.

1340 (230v/50Hz)  More information
  • S 16          RoTWIN
Integrated 15-liter tank. Very sturdy device with integrated tank. With the new double-piston pump. Perfect for use in workshops of all sizes. Very suitable for daily ventilations in continuous use. 1617 (230v/50Hz)  More information

     BW1408          22 RoTWIN          SE30 60          S16

Additional brake maintenance devices (without RoTWIN technology)

Brake maintenance device SE14 & S 15:

  • With gear pump technology
  • Perfect for use in all workshops
  • With integrated 15-liter tank for brake fluid
  • Mobile unit with ergonomic driving stick
  • Very sturdy and durable construction
  • Pressure infinitely adjustable from 0.3 to 3.5 bar
  • Automatic limit stop when the tank becomes empty with “level indicator light” (GREEN-YELLOW-RED)
  • Including leak detection feature in the braking system, e.g., following the exchange of parts

s14                               s15              

               SE14                                                                    S15

Order numbers: 

Brake maintenance devices S 30-60 / SE 30-60 / S 30-60 DUO:

The S 30-60 / SE 30-60 / S 30-60 DUO is a mobile brake maintenance device for use in all conventional containers with a capacity of 30–60 liters.

This makes this device suitable for workshops of various sizes. The S 30-60 / SE 30-60 / S 30-60 DUO can be used to perform maintenance on hydraulic braking systems and clutches of all kinds for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles.

br7               SE 30 60                      br9

            S 30-60                                              SE 30-60                                             S 30-60 DUO

Order numbers: 

Brake maintenance device BW 1408:

See brief description and image below (with RoTWIN technology), here without 

BW 1408 kl2

Order number:

  • BW 1408 B (standard):                       1409 (more information)
  • BW 1408 A (with prior emptying):   1408 (more information)
  • BW 1408 T (with tank):                      1410 (more information)

Brake maintenance device S 22 / S 22 DUO:

The S 22 / S 22 DUO are sturdy, mobile brake maintenance devices for use in all conventional containers with a capacity of 5–20 liters.


Order numbers:

Brake maintenance devices - Accessories

  • Adapters for practically all European vehicles
  • Adapters for additional vehicles of worldwide manufacturers
  • Adapter set for various types of vehicles
  • Collecting bottles in various sizes and versions
  • Hose/angle rubbers for the bleed nipple on the brake caliper
  • Suction syringe for the brake fluid in the equalizing tank
  • Disposal system (SET/ATE) in various sizes 60-200 liters

.....and additional accessories on request! Please contact our sales team, as we are always pleased to help and will make you a non-binding offer!

Here, you will find the current adapter list for download: Current ROMESS adapter list

Adapter   Adapterkoffer     Entsorgungssysteme  Auffangflaschen

Brake tool and brake tool 8911

The ROMESS Brake Tool is used to activate and deactivate the electromechanical rear wheel parking brake, to safely replace brake pads and to put the vehicle back into operation. The Brake Tool 8911 can be used in vehicles of all makes and is specifically designed to meet the demands of ROMESS products.

braketool           Braketool 8911       

               Brake Tool                                 Brake Tool 8911

Order numbers:

Brake fluid - testing devices

With the AQUA 10 and/or AQUA 12 – DIGI the quality of the brake fluid is measured  by a measuring chamber.

The exact boiling point of the brake fluid is measured.

If the actual boiling point exceeds a threshold value, then the brake fluid must be changed to ensure the functionality and reliability of the hydraulic brake system.

This especially applies to ABS systems.

aqua10                                 aqua12                   

                              AQUA 10                                                                          AQUA 12

Order number:

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