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SE 5 HY2


With the electric fill and ventilation device SE 5 HY2 hydraulic shift and clutch systems can be maintained. The hydraulic oil change is done fast and without problems. Only the complete ventilation of the hydraulic shift and clutch systems assures the functional safety.

Electro-hydraulic system, pressure adjustable and regulated, bubble-free fluid flow, no foaming of the hydraulic liquid, pressure indication via manometer, one man operation. Fill- and ventilation devices for hydraulic oil according to MB regulation 345.0, Daimler AG version.












Mobile bleeding / filling device for workshops and mobile operation for the use with 20 liter canisters.

Technical Data
•Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
•Filling hose length: about 4.0 m
•Pressure: infinitely-variable adjustable from about 0.5 – 3.5 bar
•Safety: automatic final switch off
•Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm: 780 x 280 x 500
•Weight: about 13 kg

Scope of delivery
Ventilation device SE 5 HY 2, tank tube screw (order no. 50415) for 20 l canister

50600-HY2 Adapter set complete for Actros + Atego consistent of:
  50258 suction bottle
  50260 LS screw adapter for compensating Reservoir
  50389 return hose 8/2 mm, 2.5 m with coupling R21
  50390 return hose 6/2 mm, 2.5 m with coupling R21
  50392 Y-hose bleeder for HPS 2
50393 catch can with connection HPS 2 (10 l) >> included in order no. 50395
50394 adapter for Atego new (without 10 l catch can) >> included in 
           order no. 50395
50395 adapter for Atego new (inclusive 10 l catch can)
50396 HY-filling hose (tandem adapter), length 2 x 60 cm with 2 quick-
           connect couplings and fabric hose with plug-in nipple to the
           supply hose
50399 Actros, Atego, flow-adapter

Order No.: 1006 HY 2

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