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S 30-60 / SE 30-60 / S 30-60 DUO

The brake maintenance unit S 30-60 DUO is the ideal unit for service centers with more than 10 brake fluid changes per day. The unit can be easily managed by just one person which saves valuable time and money.

The high flow pressure guarantees a complete flush and bleed of the hydraulic or clutch systems and thus ensures functional reliability of the brake and ABS systems. It is equipped with a pre-draining system for the car reservoir.  The integrated shut-off valve allows a leakage test to be performed after repair of the brake or clutch system.














Design and function
The S 30-60 / S 30-60 DUO is a solid, mobile brake maintenance device designed for using original commercial 30 - 60 liter canisters of brake fluid. The light aluminum and steel construction supported by two rubber wheels and 2 swivel castors make the device easy to transport and manage, even with a full canister. The pressure is adjustable from 0.4 to 3.5 (6 to 51 psi). The average working pressure is 1.5 to 2.5 bar (22 to 36 psi) – refer to vehicle manufacturer for specifications.

The canister is placed safely inside the integrated compartment behind the control panel and secured with an adjustable belt.  The brake fluid is drawn from the canister with a tank pipe fitted for commercial canisters a with
2" diameter screw caps. The unit pumps the brake fluid from the tank into the master cylinder fluid reservoir fitted with a special quick-lock adapter. 

The pressure is built up slowly when the pump is started to avoid foaming of the brake fluid. The extra flow pressure generated flushes and vents even the smallest air locks or dirt particles out of the hydraulic system and ensures a complete flush and bleed.   The tank pipe is also equipped with a floater valve to monitor the fluid level inside the canister which is indicated by three control lights (green = > 5 liter, yellow => 3.5 liters and red => 1.5 liters).

When the tank reaches the minimum fluid level of 1.5 liters, the pump automatically shuts off to avoid air being inadvertently pumped into the hydraulic system.  The shut-off is indicated by the red control lamp. It is not necessary to disconnect the device from the vehicle to change canisters because there is no air in the line. After changing to a full canister, the pump can be started again and the process can continue.

Once the process is complete and the pump is turned off, the built-up pressure escapes through the integrated recirculation system and the fluid level inside the reservoir adjusts itself accordingly.

Once the pressure has fallen to 0 bar/psi, the quick-lock coupling can be disconnected from the adapter without risk of spilling brake fluid. The 3.5 m long flexible hose offers plenty of room to change brake fluid up on a car lift.

- Suitable for anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
- Suitable for commercial vehicles
- One-man-operation (no special instructions needed)
- No compressed air
- Quick-lock coupling
- Automatic shut-off on minimum level
- Complete flush and bleed of the hydraulic system
- With pre-draining system for emptying the car reservoir

Technical data
- CE-certified, protection IP43
- Power supply: 230V/50 Hz + 5 m power cord with safety plug
- Pressure: adjustable from approx. 0.4 to 3.5 bar (6 to 51 psi) working
  pressure commonly 1.5 to 2.5 bar (22 to 36 psi)
- Pressure gauge: range 0 to 6 bar (0 to 87 psi)
- Device measurements (in mm) LxWxH: 440x460x880, weight approx.
  20kg (44 lbs)
- Packing measurements (in mm): LxWxH: 650x500x850, weight approx.
  22kg (48.5 lbs)

Delivery range
Brake maintenance device incl. filling hose and standard adaptor 50232 for European vehicles, pre-draining system with catch bottle 50273.

Catch bottle optional for manual disposal or with adapter for SET-Schröder or ATE disposal systems for used brake fluid (S 30-60 DUO only).

Catch bottle (50256), adapter for containers with a pull-out plastic tap (13325) and adapters for almost all vehicles. Complete disposal system for used brake fluid.

Order Numbers
1335 (S 30-60 DUO)
1332 (S 30-60 w/o the pre-draining system)

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