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ASP editor Bernd Reich has contributed yet another specialist report, this time in the May 2012 issue of Auto-Service-Praxis (ASP), discussing the ROMESS RNW 2009 steering wheel balance. He acknowledges ROMESS’ high level of competence in the area of chassis measurement and provides a very vivid description of the way the RNW 2009 makes work, and life, easier.

Geradeaus ASP5 12

Another outstanding report by ASP workshop expert Bernd Reich in Auto Service Praxis: In “Trickreich,” Reich explains the advantages of using the CM-09606 inclinometer from ROMESS and the entire product family behind it.

Trickreich ASP7 12

“Angle acrobat” is the name given by Krafthand editors Johann Maerz and Thorsten Schmidt to the Romess RNW 2009 steering wheel balance in a very comprehensive and very expertly written article. In the article, they determine that a tool of this type is “indispensable” for fast and professional work in the workmanlike measuring of axle geometrics.

The Südwest Presse has released an extensive report about the latest developments at Romess during the weeks leading up to the 2016 Automechanika fair. The report focuses on the new RoTWIN system.

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