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Engineering and Diagnosis

ROMESS is a leader in many areas of workshop technology, but it is also very flexible. Our experienced developers also conduct carry out development contracts and construct facilities for individual requirements and tasks. This can save the customer a lot of money. 
Furthermore, we offer a series of sophisticated diagnostic devices that help to quickly and inexpensively detect defects and leaks in the utility vehicle workshop.

USM 20128 leak detection device

Leaks and noise sources are often difficult to pinpoint with the naked eye or ear - especially if they are located in a spot that’s hard to reach. Here, the pros use technical tools to avoid having to conduct a lengthy, costly search. The USM 20128 ultrasound leak detector was developed for precisely this reason.


  • Eliminates background noise with the aid of padded stereo headphones
  • Easy-to-read backlit display
  • Search radius approximately 3 m
  • Network-independent battery operation



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Digital video flexoscope 72822, 72823, 72824

Designed to fit through the smallest openings and most difficult to access cavities in gasoline and diesel engines, gearboxes and differentials, clutches, and bodywork, but also suitable for other uses outside of the vehicle industry. These versatile, ergonomically-designed, mobile and portable flexoscopes display live images as photographs or videos on a 3.5 “ TFT screen and can be used in completely independent fashion anywhere and anytime. These diagnostic tool for professionals are easy to use - they deliver quick, precise results straight out of the box.


  • 3.5“ TFT screen
  • oilproof, scratchproof wide screen
  • 3.7 V high-performance lithium battery
  • data transmission via USB cable or removable SD memory card


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09803-DTR Distronic adjustment device

The 09803-DTR Distronic adjustment device lets you easily adjust the vehicle's adaptive cruise control. The adjustment casing that comes with it can be used to both check the adjustment device as well as to mount the dipsticks installed on the wheel holder, and the adjustment device with battery cable


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09807-10 Distronic adjustment device

ROMESS is also a leader in the development of intelligent adjustment devices. After the 09803-DTR for adjustment of adaptive cruise control on Mercedes S-Class vehicles, ROMESS is bringing the 09807-10 adjustment device on the market for use with economic proximity control, as are commonly installed in medium class automobiles such as e.g., the B-Class or utility vehicles.


  • easy handling
  • Bellows vacuum and drop protection
  • no power connection required


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Adjustment target night view assistant

This anodized natural target is used to adjust the camera for the night view assistant system in the Mercedes S-Class.

It is easy to handle: Using magnets, the target is mounted on the beam setter at a predefined height and aligned horizontally with the spirit level. The camera mounted on the vehicle adjusts itself with the aid of the target.



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ART adjustment device for utility vehicles

To adjust the proximity control on utility vehicles, the vehicle must stand at a perfect ninety degree angle to the projection target. With a long vehicle, this can only be done using special tools.

The 09805 ART adjustment device permits rectangular alignment using a laser beam, which is projected from the rear axle onto the target plate.



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Radar adjustment plate MB pickup 

To operate flawlessly, the radar sensor of Mercedes X-Class vehicles (pickups, production series 470 & 471) must be precisely calibrated. This is required following e.g., chassis work. The 09842 radar adjustment plate and a commercially available cross line laser can be used to adjust the vehicle's radar sensor.


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