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Inclinometer Rötes ROE 3018


Inclinometer RÖTES ROE 3018


The ROE 3018 inclinometer is used to measure the angular position of vehicle components. For example, the vehicle level is measured via the position of the transverse arm (Y-axle) at the front axle and the drive shaft at the rear axle (also called Y-axle). The values calculated can then be assigned to the adjustment values for camber, toe, and castor. The inclination of the X axle and the assigned Y-axle is measured. Should there be a deviation of more than +/-7° for the Y-axle, then the measured values must be disregarded to prevent measurement errors. The measured values are displayed in decimal degrees.

Design and function

The inclinometer ROE 3018 consists of a handheld device equipped with keyboard and graphic display as well as a sensor for measuring two planes, which is connected to the handheld device by means of a helical cable. The device is ready for immediate use since the sensor always remains at zero position (horizon). The device is self-adjusting (see the operating instructions), and consequently does not have to be sent in for periodic certification. The measuring range is +/- 30° on the X-axle and +/- 7° on the Y-axle. To measure the inclination of the lower transverse arm, the sensor must be held against an even surface (measuring point), for which an adapter plate may be required. Set up the sensor with the measuring tips, the measuring results will be shown on the display and stored by pressing the “save” key. You must make sure that the helical cable is always pointing toward the center of the vehicle, both when measuring the left side of the vehicle as well as when measuring the right side of the vehicle. This way, the sensor can distinguish between positive and negative values. No adapter is required to measure the rear axle shaft. Instead, the sensor is placed directly against the shaft with the prisma/V-block or, in the case of drive shafts with a diameter over 40 mm, with the measuring tips of the inclination sensor. Here, you must once again make sure that the cable is pointing toward the center of the vehicle. If all four measuring values are recorded, this can be displayed by pressing the “memory” button. A special version of the device is available with an additional protective cover (order number 3019 230V/50Hz, and/or 3119 110V/60Hz) that protects the device against shocks and minor damage, and prevents the device from slipping out of place.

Neigungsmessgerät ROE 3018 klein


  • High measuring accuracy 
  • Easy handling 
  • Operation using commercially available batteries (3x Mignon AA 1,2 V/ approximately 1500 mAh)
  • Charging device (power adapter) (ONLY PERMITTED WHEN USING BATTERIES)

Technical Data

  • CE certified, protection class IP43
  • Power supply: 3.6 V – 6V, 0.8W (3 x Mignon, 1.2V/ approximately 1500 mAh 
  • Angle measurement range: X +/- 30°, Y +/- 7°, accuracy: +/- approximately 0.1° 
  • Equipment: Mini USB interface data transmission (in preparation)
  • Plug-in power supply only for charging batteries (12V/250mA) 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 450 x 380 x 120 (in the box), approximately 160 x 75 x 30 (without box) weight 2.1 kg 
  • Packing size (L x W x H in mm): 455 x 400 x 120, weight 2.5 kg 
  • Distribution package: Device in storage case, 3 batteries, plug-in power supply, operating instructions 
  • Accessories on request: Adapter 09606-50 standard adapter, 09606-60 for type W 163 (M-class), 09606-61 and 09606-65 for type W 163 (M-class), 09606-66 for type W 415 (Citan), 09606-70 for Maybach

Note: Not yet released by Daimler AG.

Order numbers

EU - Without protection: 3018-10 
EU - With protection: 3019-10   

US - Without protection: 3018-11
US - With protection: 3019-11

UK - Without protection: 3018-12
UK - With protection: 3019-12

AUS - Without protection: 3018-13
AUS - With protection: 3019-13

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