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Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.”

With this motto, ROMESS-Rogg has been a successful market participant for over 50 years. Our spectrum of products and services for motor and utility vehicles comprises the following segments:Home-Bild.pngWe manufacture our equipment at our company headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, made in Germany. Our high-quality products are recommended by leading automobile manufacturers and valued by our long-standing customers for their reliability. In keeping with the words of founder and owner Werner Rogg: "Good servicing equipment allows our customers to perform necessary tasks faster and with more precision, thereby saving time and money."

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News, events, and dates by and with ROMESS. Here you will find upcoming trade fair dates, news regarding our company and its products as well as a great deal of information about ROMESS-Rogg, among other things. 

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Product Overview

  • Brake maintenance

    Brake maintenance

    High-quality, high-performance brake maintenance equipment - vintage or fitted with innovative RoTWIN technology for simultaneous brake ventilation, which significantly reduces the time required for every working procedure. Our equipment is recommended by leading automobile manufacturers!
  • Chassis measurement

    Chassis measurement

    The steering wheel balance for adjusting the “straight steering wheel” and for correcting tire tread wear, the inclinometer for adjusting toe, camber, and castor as well as adjustment targets and instruments for adjusting various auxiliary systems, including night-vision and vehicle distance assistants. We can offer you the right equipment!
  • Hydraulic units

    Hydraulic units

    Air pockets in the pipes for the clutch and switching systems impair the transmission of power, particularly when refilling after repairs. For this reason, it is important to fill these systems air pocket-free with the aid of high-quality equipment Released by reputable utility vehicle manufacturers!
  • Engineering


    Leaks and noise sources can only be pinpointed with the naked eye or ear with difficulty - especially if they are coming from a place that is hard to access. The pros use tools that allow them to avoid a lengthy and cost-intensive search. This is why the ultrasound leak detector USM 20128 was developed!


    • Application video

      Application video

      Our tools at work
    • Romessage


      On this page, you can download our company magazine ROMESSAGE in PDF-format.
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      Media response

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