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Adjusting Target for Nightview Assistent


The Adjusting Target 09840-10 is a colorless anodized target plate for the adjustment of the camera for the Night View Assistant system.

This camera must be adjusted precisely to ensure proper function. Any car maintenance can modify the initial camera setting, e.g. any kind of body or chassis work, replacing the windshield or drive level.


Structure and function

The 09840-10 is mounted on the vertical column of the headlight beam setter. The adaption plate provided is then fastened with the adhesive strips at the recommended height.

The target plate comes with a centering pin which locks in to the center hole. The horizontal alignment is determined with the water level on the backside of the target.

The front side of the target is printed with two objective disks and a scope in the center where the camera is positioned. The adjustment is set with the system program.

For the Hella headlamp aiming device an additional adaptation plate (order-no. 09840-11) is needed.

- Easy handling
- Firm hold with strong magnets
- No drilling necessary
- No power supply needed

Technical data
- Material:  aluminum, nickel-plated steel
- Device measurements (L x W x H in mm): 320 x 220 x 75 with case,
  weight approx. 1.2kg
- Packing measurements (L x W x H in mm): 350 x 300 x 100,
  weight approx. 1.5kg

Scope of delivery
Adjusting target, adaption plate, adhesive strips, storage case and assembly instructions.

Order No.

Modifications and errors reserved.

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