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ROMESS-Rogg Apparate + Electronic GmbH + Co. KG
Dickenhardtstraße 67
78054 Villingen-Schwenningen

Tel. +49 (0)7720-9770-0
Fax +49 (0)7720-9770-25
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This company is a factory of ideas, small but "oho".

Werner Rogg, Master in Engineering and Master of Science in Physics, set up the know-how business in 1970. The first goal of the company was to offer solutions for the challenges of other companies. First Rogg and his co-workers dealt with measuring and control engineering innovations in the industrial and chemical field. By and by the working field shifted to the development of service instruments for the motor-vehicle sector.

Here ROMESS nowadays belongs to the leading suppliers. The name has a good ring in the industry; over 80% of all motor-vehicle businesses know the brand, and almost as many use it. Also because the company with its newly developed service instruments for service centers steadily sets new standards.












"An innovation", says Werner Rogg, who has already developed more than 100 high-quality measuring devices, "is only good, if it enables the technician to fulfill service tasks faster and more precisely and with that, helps save time and money".













Our mascot ROMEO

The best example for that is one of the new solutions of the ROMESS designers, the "Vehicle Gauging System 2000". This universal process allows the technician to improve the chassis and suspension tuning - and with that, to improve the vehicle roadholding with minimal expenditure. For this, only four measurements have to be taken on the vehicle - one at each wheel. So time and price of the vehicle adjustment are reduced quite considerably.

Developments like these are the basis for the new company strategy of healthy growth, which "imaginative mind" Werner Rogg wants to go with ROMESS in the future. So the in-house production is extended and with that, the dependence upon the component suppliers is minimized. This is important for an innovative company to bring its own innovations faster to the market.

We have divided our portfolio into five segments, which you can clearly see according to the different colored logos. Central element of these logos is the wheel, whereupon ROMESS is concentrating its technical skills.

Our logos for brake bleeding and refilling, HY, vehicle gauging and tire service techniques are completed by the golden logo visualizing our Engineering Business. The clear depiction of colors and logos should enable you to easily navigate the website.




    Brake bleeding and refilling








   Vehicle gauging




    Tire service








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