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The mobile brake maintenance device SE 5 was developed for shops who want to be flexible in using original, commercial-type canisters of brake fluid. No decanting necessary. The integrated platform holds 5 to 20 liter canisters. The extraction pipe is equipped with a universal screw adaptor for different sized containers.
















Structure and function
The SE 5 is a solid, mobile brake maintenance device designed for the use of original, commercial canisters of 5 – 20 liters. The lightweight aluminum/steel construction includes two rubber wheels and a castor wheel at the handle bar make the device mobile and easily manageable.

The pressure is adjustable from 0.4 to 3.5 bar.

The brake fluid is drawn from the container with an extraction pipe which is securely fastened in the spout with a universal screw adaptor. The container is placed on the devices platform and secured with an adjustable belt. The device pumps the brake fluid from the tank into the master cylinder fluid reservoir fitted with a special quick-lock adaptor. When the electric pump is activated, the pressure in the tank is built up slowly to prevent the brake fluid from foaming. The flow oscillates to flush and vent even the smallest air locks or dirt particles out of the hydraulic system and ensures a complete flush and bleed.

The level in the container is monitored and on reaching the minimum level of approximately 1.5 liters, the pump automatically shuts off to avoid that air is accidentally pumped into the hydraulic system. It is not necessary to disconnect the device from the vehicle to replace the container, because there is no air in the hose system. After replacing the container the pump can be activated to continue the ventilation.

When the ventilation is complete and the pump is turned off the pressure escapes through the integrated return-flow and the level inside the compensation reservoir is adjusted. When the pressure has fallen to 0 bar the quick lock coupling can be disconnected from the adapter without spilling brake fluid. The 3.5 m long flexible hose offers plenty of room to change brake fluid up on a car lift.

- suited for anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
- suited for commercial vehicles
- one-man operated (no special instructions needed)
- no compressed air
- no risky decanting
- quick lock coupling
- automatic shut-off on minimum level
- complete flush of the hydraulic system

Technical data
- CE certificate, protection IP43
- Power supply: 230V/50 Hz + 5 m power cord with safety plug
- Pressure: adjustable from 0.4 to 3.5 bar (6 to 51 psi) (working pressure
  commonly 1.5 to 2.5 bar (22 to 36 psi)
- Pressure gauge: range 0 to 6 bar (0 to 87 psi)
- Measurements (in mm): L x W x H: 780 x 280 x 500 (without handle),
  weight approx. 14 kg (31 lbs)
- Packing measurements: L x W x H: 460 x 600 x 650,
  weight approx. 16 kg (35 lbs)

Scope of delivery
Brake maintenance device incl. filling hose and standard adapter 50232 for European vehicles.

Catch bottle (50256) and adapters for almost all vehicles. Complete disposal system for brake fluid.

Order No.: 1006

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