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The S 22/ S 22 DUO and SE 22 / SE 22 DUO are movable brake maintenance devices for the use of 5 – 20 l canisters. Therefore these devices are suitable for garages of all sizes.  With the help of the S 22 / S 22 DUO and SE 22 / SE22 DUO hydraulic brake systems and hydraulic clutches of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles can be maintained.

The change of synthetic brake fluid is done fast and without any problems. The complete ventilation of the brake system assures the functional safety of the and ABS and SBC systems. The easy movement of the wheel-brake cylinder can be checked as well as a leakage test at the brake- and coupling system after repairs.
















                                                                         S 22

The S 22 DUO and the SE 22 DUO offer the pre-draining of the brake fluid out of the brake fluid reservoir of the vehicle.
















                                                                  S 22 DUO

Optical fill level indication by three control lights at S 22 / S 22 DUO and by a red control light for indication of an empty canister at SE 22 / SE 22 DUO.

Electrical powered pump: After switching-on the pump the pressure builds up slowly. This prevents a „foaming“ of the brake fluid with air because of the small flow velocity.

Automatic switch-off of the pump when reaching the minimal capacity. Therefore no air will get into the hydraulic system. A separation of the device when changing the containers is not necessary, the ventilation process can be continued immediately.

Infinitely adjustable pressure regulation from about 0.4 to 3.5 bar at S 22 /
S 22 DUO
and from about 0.5 to 2.0 bar (maximal 2.4 bar) at SE 22 / SE 22 DUO with manometer indication and low pressure test.

Pulsating liquid current of the brake fluid. These oscillations make a complete ventilation of the pipes possible, because even the smallest air- and humidity locks at the pipe walls are getting carried away.

Automatically pressure decrease when switching off the device. The device can be disconnected from the adapter without pressure by the quick coupling. There is no overflow of the brake fluid. The 3.5 m long inflating hose makes the ventilation possible on every car lift without any problems. Simple handling, therefore no training is necessary, uncomplicated refilling.

Suitable for ABS- and SBC-brake systems.

Technical Data
•Electrical connection: 230 V/50 Hz, optional 110V/60 Hz or 12 V
•Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 650 x 500 x 880
•Weight: about 20.0 kg

1022 (S 22)
1022 D (S 22 DUO)
2322 (SE 22)
2322 D (SE 22 DUO)

Scope of delivery
Tank tube and adapter (50419) for 5 - 20 liter canisters, bottle holder (for
S 22 and SE 22 as option available) and standard adapter 50232.
Catch bottle optional for manual disposal or with adapter for SET-Schröder or ATE disposal systems for used brake fluid (S 22 Duo and SE 22 DUO only).

Catch bottle (50256) and adapters for almost all vehicles.
Complete disposal system for used brake fluid.

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